The Clubrooms were initially damaged by the 7.1 earthquake that hit Christchurch on September 4th 2010. We were still waiting for our insurance assessors to pay us a visit when, on February 11th 2011, we experienced a much shallower and more powerful 6.3 earthquake, with its epicentre less than a kilometre away. Fortunately nobody was hurt, but over half the clubrooms had to be demolished. Our insurers wrote the building off, and with the settlement we were able to shore up what was left of the Clubrooms, and repair our changing rooms and practice facilities. We then set about raising funds to re-build the clubrooms.

The new facilities were officially opened by the Mayor of Christchurch, Mr Bob Parker on September 21st 2013.


Heathcote Cricket Club wishes to thank the following organisations for their significant financial contributions that facilitated the re-building of our Clubrooms, Practice Nets, Outdoor Patio area, and Roller Shed after the Christchurch earthquake of February 2011.

  • Christchurch Earthquake Mayoral Relief Fund
  • Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust
  • Rotary Club of Balwyn (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Rotary Club of Belvoir-Wodonga (Victoria, Australia)
  • Canterbury Community Trust
  • Rotary Club of Christchurch Sunrise
  • New Zealand Community Trust
  • Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Trust
  • New Zealand Cricket Foundation
  • The Honest Trundlers (Australia)
  • Nottinghamshire Cricket Board (England)
  • NZ International Fellowship of Cricket Loving Rotarians
  • Queen Street Cricket Club
  • Gorran Cricket Club (Cornwall, England)
  • Auckland University Cricket Club
  • Kidlington Cricket Club (Oxfordshire, England)
  • Middleton Cricket Club (Lancashire, England)
  • Plus many smaller donations from the worldwide cricket fraternity